Update on our latest General Meeting


Held on Tuesday 4th February at 8.30pm in the Story House, Chester

Item 1 Welcome and Introductions

MH opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.  

Item 2 Update since last meeting (12/11/19 at the Bickerton Poacher)

JR explained that:

  • We are growing
  • We ceased to operate as a project in January, with our last chunk of project funding   received in October 2019.
  • The Co-Op will now run on its own income, and we are looking for sources of funding to sustain us until we are big enough to be self-sustaining. 
  • The voice recordings made at our last meeting at the Bickerton Poacher were used in a feature broadcast on BBC Radio Four “You and Yours” on 15thJanuary 2020. 

Item 3 Discussion

1.  ‘How to market the Co-Op and get the message out there’ 

It was agreed that:

  • We would create a calendar of annual events that we could attend to market the Co-Op.
  • JR would circulate leaflets to JJ & SC
  • We would consider holding an “Open” Meeting later in the year. 
  • We would attend network such as the Cornerstone Coffee Mornings

2.  Running the Co-Op - opportunities to learn & develop (including the Care Academy)

It was agreed that:

  • We would try to identify opportunities for members to learn new skills and develop within the Co-Op. 

Item 4 Any other business

There was no other business and the meeting was concluded at 9.30pm.

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