Our General Meeting 12th November 2019


1.  Welcome, Introductions & Apologies

2. Update since last meeting

3. Break out tasks 

  a.  Your Experience so far

  b.  What your support should look like

  c.  Vlogging! (Record what you think about NWCC/Chester)

4.  Care Academy

5. Any Other business

Followed by a game of skittles!


Outcomes of the Meeting

Item 2 Update since last meeting (21/06/19 at Tenpin Bowling)

John explained that:

  • NWCC was growing
  • We are to work with the Care Quality Commission to help re-design regulation for micro enterprises like ours.
  • There were some potential opportunities for substantial growth in 2020
  • The BBC had shown interest in our work and they have asked us to make some “Audio recordings” tonight. 

Item 3 Break out Tasks

We broke into three groups (Rick, Mary and Faye, James, Janet & Sarah and Hannah, Susan & Jodie who each created a ‘Voice App’ audio recording of their  thoughts on :

· How well the Co-Op is working

· How it compares with previous experience of support

· How they would like it to develop

Hannah shares her thoughts on the Co-Op

James' tells us his thoughts on the Co-Op...

Rick's tells us about the journey so far...

Rick tells us how the Co-Op compares to previous providers...

Rick tells us how he would like the Co-Op to develop...

Item 4 Care Academy

John outlined a proposal to develop our own Care Academy. We would train some people as Personal Assistants (PAs). This would involve some classroom and/or online theoretical learning, and some practical experience with our User and Employee Members. 

The aim would be to train PAs in our way of doing things. User Members would be able to directly influence how trainee PAs develop through their feed-back, and successful trainees could join the co-op to support new user members. 

Support for the idea was unanimous, with the caveat that User Members did not want to be over faced by too many trainees at one time

Item 5 Any other business

  There was no other business and the meeting was concluded at 9.30pm.