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Currently we are coping well with the impact of COVID-19 on our members . 

We have adequate supplies of Personal Protective Equipment and are able to manage the necessary restrictions, with members staying at home and the more vulnerable members of our co-op community shielded. Our members are very active on their What's App group. 

Our employee members continue to be paid.

You can follow our COVID-19 story on our Facebook page

Hear about us on BBC radio 4


We were featured on BBC Radio 4's @You and Yours Programme on 25th January 2020

14/11/19 CQC Regulatory Sandbox


Round 3 Community Care at Home & Support Teams

We have been successful in our application to the Care Quality Commission to take part  in a "sandboxing" exercise - a process to design how  to regulate micro providers like us. 

You can find out more about what this sandboxing involves and what it means for us by clicking on the button below